Improve memory function and find inspiration with music

At Autumn’s Promise, a family-owned and operated assisted living facility in Green Bay, we believe playing music provides many benefits to residents

woman listening to music with headphonesMusic is powerful—it has the ability to take the listener back in time and stir up memories and feelings of the past. At Autumn’s Promise, we play music to stimulate the brain and help improve memory, as well as to provide comfort to our residents.

Our seniors enjoy the many benefits of listening to music while participating in various activities. Music encourages movement—from dancing or walking to toe tapping. And, the part of the brain that processes what’s being heard also controls motor function. By playing music while exercising, the muscles and brain are both getting a workout.

Music also stirs up deep feelings. Our team of caregivers utilize music to make memories come alive. Songs are stored in the part of the brain that is last to be touched by Alzheimer’s, so even residents far on their journey with dementia can recall a melody. We find seniors like to remember experiences from their youth so we select popular performers from their generation and play music from when residents were in their teens, 20s and 30s.

Finally, we turn music on for residents when they feel anxious or agitated. We know the sounds and rhythm of music are calming, especially as seniors approach the end of life.

The staff at Autumn’s Promise work around the clock to help residents live a meaningful, fulfilling life. We are happy to help evoke positive memories and touch the hearts of our residents through thoughtful music selection.

Autumn’s Promise, one of the top assisted living facilities in Northeast Wisconsin, provides the comforts of home with the level of care residents need. The staff is known for having compassion for people and a love of fun. Call Autumn’s Promise today at 920-465-1181 to find out more or to schedule a free tour.