Autumn’s Promise – Older Adult Month – May 2017

Older Americans Month Shines Light on Aging Today

2017 “Aging Out Loud” theme recognizes what getting older looks like today

Getting older isn’t what it used to be. Many of today’s seniors are more active, health conscious and eager to grandfather and granddaughter playing cardstry new things. And while the face of aging is changing, it’s still important to honor their accomplishments and involvement in our lives.

Every May, the country celebrates seniors by declaring it Older Americans Month. We recognize those that have spent their lives contributing to their families and to the community.

The Administration on Aging announced this year’s theme is “Age Out Loud,” which is designed to give aging a new voice and pay tribute to what getting older looks like today. Now, more than ever before, seniors are striving for wellness, advocating for themselves and remaining involved in the activities that bring them joy.

In addition to supporting loved ones in their quest for happiness and improved quality of life, you can also spend time with seniors to strengthen your relationship. A few ideas include:

  • Telling stories. Seniors have had countless experiences. Take time to listen to some of their fondest memories. Ask about their childhood, a best friend, a first love. Reminisce about time spent together. Share some of your favorite experiences and compare how times have changed.
  • Teaching skills. You may be technically savvy, while they struggle to search the web. Patiently teach an older adult how to navigate our quickly-changing world. Then, take time to learn something from them. Maybe she can show you how to knit. Or, he can demonstrate how to play a new card game.
  • Developing a shared hobby. While it’s fun to hear about the past or demonstrate your talents, it’s also exciting to try something new together. Search out a hobby you’re both interested in. Perhaps you could learn to dance or cook a gourmet meal. Looking for a less active hobby? Read the same book and report back what you each thought of it.

Whatever activity you try, what matters most is the time spent together.

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