May 2017 Newsletter, Autumn’s Promise Assisted Living Center

May 2017 at Autumn’s Promise!

Enjoying the outdoors at Autumn’s Promise…

We sure are looking forward to some May flowers! We have noticed that there are a greater variety of birds at our feeders and are anticipating the arrival of the Orioles soon. Plans are being made for new types of planters for our patio and hopefully we will be able to move the fairy garden outside soon too…look for new additions in June!

We have added “Patio Time” to our activity calendar so that we can all enjoy being outside throughout the spring, summer and fall. And, we have added an outside walking club for anyone who wishes to get outside and exercise with friends. Happy Spring!

What’s New?!

Happy Birthday!



05/08 — Agnes Thomson


Milwaukee Brewers Trivia

  • What was the name of the Seattle franchise that moved to Milwaukee to become the Brewers?
  • Who was the first season Brewer MVP?
  • What Year did the team first play in Milwaukee?
  • What year did the Brewers go to their first World Series?
  • Who led the team in home runs in 2008?
  • Who was the Brewers 1st round draft pick in 1973?

ANSWERS: 1. Pilots 2. Rollie Fingers 3. 1970 4. 1982 5. Ryan Braun 6. Robin Yount

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