Autumn’s Promise – Hobbies – March 2017

Hobbies help to live life to the fullest.

Finding and developing hobbies allow seniors to continue living their best life.

As we age, we often find ourselves with more time on our hands. Make the most of your free time by picking up a hobby or two.

There are an endless number of hobbies to choose from. Not only do they fill your days, but they also keep your brain engaged and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Live your best life. Try one or more of these hobby suggestions:woman listening to music with headphones

Play music.
Playing an instrument—the piano, flute or other instrument—is not only a great hobby to keep your mind sharp, it also improves hand-eye coordination. For many, music requires practice but effort is well worth it.

Get crafty. Painting, scrapbooking, knitting and sewing are a few crafty hobbies that allow you to create something while keeping your mind alert. There is great satisfaction in crafting, whether done alone or socially with friends or family. All forms of art stimulate the brain and improve quality of life.

Exercise. Exercise has physical and mental benefits as we age. It helps to strengthen bones, improve balance and maintain independence. Choose to walk, swim or sign up for a yoga class.

Garden. Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits—reducing stress, increasing mobility and serving as a form of exercise. The hobby is also beneficial because it gets seniors outdoors as they tend to the fruits, vegetables and flowers in the garden.

Put on your dancing shoes.
For many, dancing is not only fun, it’s a chance to socialize with fellow seniors
while getting exercise. Classes are available at many gyms. Grab a partner or embrace the opportunity to meet someone new.

Play cards or pick out a game. Pick a hobby that is mentally stimulating. Cards and games keep the mind sharp and can be one player or multiple. Try solitaire, bridge, cribbage or Scrabble. Call up a group of friends or head to an area community center and join a game.

Learn something new. You’re never too old to try something new. Community centers, health facilities, area gardens and more offer countless programs on everything from cooking and gardening techniques to learning French.

Hobbies and strong social connections contribute to living longer and prevent feelings of loneliness. Find a new passion and live your best life now.

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