Autumn’s Promise – Senior Love – February 2017

Ageless love

Keeping love and romance alive as we age requires a little effort and creativity

February is the month of love. For centuries, couples have celebrated Valentine’s Day, giving gifts and expressing their devotion to loved ones. Love knows no age limits—it’s just as important to show your affection as you age.
Whether you’re in a long-term marriage or just starting to date, senior love is worth celebrating. Here are a few tips to keep you love and romance alive.

  1. Show your love. Kiss your partner. Hug them. It’s natural to be affectionate when you first fall in love, but over time many couples stop expressing their feelings through touch. Hugs, kisses, cuddling or a gentle hand squeeze is a simple, yet meaningful, demontration of how much someone means to you.
  2. Spend time together. Find common interests and cherish the time spent doing something together. Play cards or pull out a favorite board game. When the weather warms up, spend time in the garden together. Or, try something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take dance lessons or paint. Get creative and search out activities you’d both enjoy.
  3. Express your feelings. Remind your partner how much you love them—don’t assume they know how you feel. Write a sweet note. Never leave without a kiss goodbye. Say “I love you” every day.
  4. Laugh together. They say laughter is the best medicine—laughter allows you to connect with your loved one and keeps the playfulness in your relationship. Recall amusing memories from your younger days. Watch a funny movie and share a chuckle together.

Couples need to work at their relationship for it to stand the test of time. While keeping love strong requires effort, the investment pays off in a lifetime of happiness.

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