March 2015 Newsletter, Autumn’s Promise Assisted Living Center

March 2015

file0001276650802Music and memories… I love music! I taught music in public schools for 16 years because I believe in the impact music has on the human spirit! I believe that we all love some type of music (or many) and that all of us attach important memories with certain songs.

I remember the song that was playing the first time I danced with a boy in 7th grade. Every time I hear “Is this Love?” by Whitesnake, I remember the feelings of first love and the scent of Stetson cologne. Take a minute and think about the songs that bring back thought of your firsts and other special moments and memories… This activity stimulates emotions and thoughts of memories placed deep inside our brains.

Older Adults have this same reaction to music that touches their hearts. If you have a few minutes please google the video “Alive Inside clip of Henry”. Wisconsin has piloted a program called “Music and Memories” in nursing homes across the state. I believe that this has much value in the assisted living setting too. We would like to be able to give Residents at Autumn’s Promise the opportunity to Remember, Listen, Share and Enjoy with the assistance of music.

We are asking for donations of used, and in working condition, Apple based music players. If you have any of these devices at home gathering dust or know anyone else who might, we would be most thankful for the donation. (Chargers are a plus!)

We are asking that Residents and their families fill out the attached music survey so that we can begin the journey of remembering the best parts of life with music!

With Much Joy!

-Nicole Silta



What’s New?!


Happy Birthday!



03/04 Morgan, Dietary



Special Events-Mark Your Calendars!

April 8 @ 1030am: Music with Roger Walburn

Look Out! Be sure to check out your activity calendar for dates for Resident Council, Movie & Popcorn, Coffee & Donuts, Manicures, Exercises, Cocktail Hour…and for our favorite hobbies such as blanket ties, beading, baking, drawing, and crafts!




 Is the month of…

Irish American, Crafts, Frozen Food, Nutrition, Peanuts, Women’s History, Red Cross, Social Workers, American Diabetes, Brain Injury Awareness, Employee Spirit, Cerebral Palsy Awareness, Flowers




Traditional Irish Meal March 17

Slow Clooked Corn Beef and Cabbage, Potatos & Rye Bread

Good Old Fashioned…Wisconsin Perch Fry March 27

Deep Fried Perch, Coleslaw, Baked Potato and Rye Bread



Support Group

Autumn’s Promise is inviting family members and friends of their loved ones to have the opportunity to share feelings, problems, ideas, and information with others experiencing the same situations.

Autumn’s Promise Support Group will be confidential. This will be a place to share and learn from the others about the different experiences with their loved one and the aging process. This group is designed to be informational about disease and care-giving, remind us we are not alone, encourage us not to forget our own health, talk each other through difficult times and of course, share memories good times.

When: March 20, 2015 @ 1:00 PM
Where: Autumns Promise

Risa Janowski,M.S., LPC, AACC, will be joining us with Samantha Eklund, Autumn’s Promise Activity and  Wellness Director.

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