July Newsletter, Autumn’s Promise Assisted Living

July 2014

Nicole and Lola the therapy dogWelcome to our Autumn’s Promise Assisted Living Newsletter! Last month marked the one year since Autumns Promise has opened! We have met many new faces and have really built quiet the family! It has been very exciting and we are ready for many, many, many more years!!

We may have not made it to the zoo but… we have still got our chance to enjoy and relax out in the fresh air. Even better yet, we had volunteers from United Health Care come for a very enjoyable visit for everyone.

We have introduced our very own ‘Autumns Promise Therapy Puppy in Training’ by Nicole! Lola, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is bringing many smiles and “awes” to Autumns Promise. Lola is here with us Monday through Friday-So stop by Nicole’s office and see her. It is our ‘promise’ she is the cutest little lovable puppy!!


July 4th banner

We Wish You All A Safe & Happy 4th!

Fun fourth of July jokes:

What is the difference between a duck and George Washington?

one has a bill on its face and the other’s face is on a bill!

What did one flag say to the other flag?

Nothing, It just waved!

Watermelon for fourth of July picnic

Our 4th of July Picnic!
  • BBQ Chicken on the grill
  • Tuna Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Watermelon
  • Angel Food Cake w/ red, white& blue berries

    Happy Birthday!

    Lorraine O. – 17th 
    Ginger – 22nd
    Ruth – 28th

    Happy Anniversary!

    Ruth & Art: July 17th

Activity Department – New!

There are new ideas added to our calendar! Here are some of the new activities and their description!

Cocktail Hours: We will bring back our cocktail hours this month! We will be tasting flavored daiquiris, beer & popcorn, and wine & cheese!

Reminisce: Focuses on a person’s life from early years through the present; focusing on a specific time period or around such life events and/or experiences.

Artistic Expressions: Uses artistic abilities (even if limited) to create, relax, explore, share, and release feelings/thoughts through color, molds, paper…etc.

Timeslips: Using a photograph and series of questions will build a story that is opening, unlimited to freedom of imagination.

Book Making: Using magazines and newspapers cutting and pasting pages of the topic and putting together on a page- each time, each page is a page in our story.

What’s in the Bag?!: A bag will be filled with an object or objects and we will pass around and guess what is in the bag- the one closest or guesses correctly wins a prize!

Special Events!

July 4th: Picnic Lunch
June 17th: Big Game of Jeopardy!
July 23rd: Music with Roger Hartwig
September 9th: Music with Roger Walburn


“About Me” Life Timeline

As Autumns Promise continues to grow and much pride is taken for knowing our residents and staff, we would like to begin a project. Part of our staff-resident one-on-ones we would like to begin an “about me” or a life timeline of our residents. Each staff member is paired with a resident, and will spend 1-3 days a week with them for 10-20 minutes. During this time we would like to get to know them. We need your help as their family member to bring in pictures and any other information to get to know your loved one. We will make posters of their “about me” or life timeline. We believe this is truly important for memory, social aspects, and reflections. This will give your loved one a chance to re-tell their life, events, and accomplishments in a 1-on-1 setting. After information is collected, together they will use their creative skills to put together a poster. After the poster is complete as a group we will discuss and reminisce together. We will be completing this during July. Any information, pictures, awards…etc. that you are able to provide us will be much help!

Thank you!!!!!

Any questions please see Nicole or Sam. 🙂

United Healthcare VolunteersWe would like to send another “Big Thank You” to all the volunteers from United Health Care. As we were bummed by the rain, we couldn’t have asked for a better day! Starting with three dozen donuts, one-on-ones to just sit and chat, then followed by beading jewlery, Rummy 500, cribbage, and a big game of Bingo…by lunch we were exhausted!

Thank you again for making our day enjoyable and memorable!


July Is the month of…

Unlucky weddings, hot dogs, blueberries, ice cream, anti-boredom, UV Safety, picnics, parks, firework safety, Juvenile Arthritis Awareness, & Social Wellness

  • Social Wellness is nurturing yourself and your relationships.
  • Social wellness is a vital piece of human being wellness.
  • Social Wellness prevents isolation and reduces stress.
  • Social Wellness promotes the ability to share your feelings, thoughts, ideas, and dreams.
  • So… reach out – communicate – build relationships – respect.




“The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter.”

-E.E. Cummings


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